Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quant Challenge for CAT 2008

If you are a serious CAT 2008 student, then you cannot escape the charm of evil If you are a serious CAT trainer teaching at any coaching institute, then also you cannot avoid peeking at TG for good questions to cover in your classes. tongueout Whatever may be the case, you would be spreading education around you in your own way. The best thing about education in India is that it is touches everyone. And once education touches someone’s soul it permeates through his entire life and touches everyone around him in some way or the other. No matter which part of the world you are, we hope that helps you become a better person. In this regard, we continue with our Quant Challenge Series, prepared by Mr. Pradeep Pandey, an experienced CAT trainer in the industry. The pains that Mr. Pandey takes to create his questions can be easily gauged from their quality. While you gear up to attack the CAT paper in November, solving these questions will help you boost your confidence. Share these problems with your fellow CAT aspirants over a cup of coffee and enjoy some good problem-solving sessions.- Total Gadha
cat 2008 quant challenge

Mr. Pradeep Pandey is an experienced quant trainer of MBA aspirants and author of the book “Quantitative Aptitude for CAT.” Mr. P. Pandey has been creator of many interesting mathematics and data interpretation problems and he has graciously agreed to share many of them with students on TG to help them in their CAT preparation.