Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mensuration- Solids

For nearly every CAT 2008 aspirant, the question of ‘what to do and how to do it’ is the most crucial question of all. Besieged by too many topics and pulled in too many directions, a student is dazed and intimidated by the seemingly mammoth task at hand. The trick to winning a long-drawn-out battle like CAT preparation is to get started first and think later. Catch any end of the rope you can lay your hands on and start pulling. Some helpful and cultivated good habits, such as making a timetable for the next day and practicing all the three sections everyday, will also go a long way in preparing you for the D-day. And if you are one of them who forget what they read a month ago, you can certainly move around in TG forums and keep solving problems all the time to keep you in shape! But the most important thing to do is to find that zeal and excitement for your preparations in place of that CAT fear.

Needless to say, CAT preparations will bring you one of the most memorable times of your life. Even with all that stress, those class exercises, those depressing mocks and the fierce competition, CAT preparation is so much fun.

cat 2008 preparation mensuration- 1
cat 2008 preparation mensuration- 2

Given below are some teaser questions for you to try your hands on. Good luck!

cat 2008 preparation, mensuration- questions

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